Sony URX-P2 Diversity Tuner UHF

Wireless Microphone System



B&H is excited to announce the new Sony UWP-V Series UHF wireless system. This compact, true diversity system is an outstanding value at $499.95 for the Bodypack Lavalier packages, and $699.95 for the Plug-in Transmitter/Lavalier packages. The UWP-V Series replaces the UWP-C Series, with enhancements that include: a rugged, all-metal chassis and Mic/Line switchable input at the transmitter. PLL-synthesized tuning, space-diversity reception, and all the professional wireless features that made the UWP-C series a popular choice. Components in this system include: the URX-P2 portable receiver, UTX-B2 bodypack transmitter, and the UTX-P1 plug-on transmitter.


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